Philosophies of Non Conformity

There are number of different ways to not conform and different entities to not conform to. (This is a draft and is not complete. There are about 3 different philosophies to non-conformity and each will be reviewed in summary here.)

Filing anything with government entity is conforming to that entity, including PMA structure documents. At some point in time the government entity has the ability to change those rules you filed under and take back their control and you can expect that they will do this! Remember the rules previously allowed us to all own whatever guns we wanted. And they changed the rules, and we found ways around those rules, and they changed them again. So history proves that the government will continue to oppress those who continue to make themselves a part of that government.

All these self-sustaining communities popping up are in effect forming their own little quasi-government with a contract that you enter into when you join / buy into their community. And then you pay them annual dues in one way shape or form in order that you don’t pay dues/taxes to the state. You are still under an authority and you are still paying the entire time you are a member and therefore you never really own your property.

Why not live a biblical life as God intended with Jesus’s work on the cross and the New Covenant? Where you live under the authority of Jesus Christ, not under any man made unordained government? Yes this can be accomplished today and one by one people are doing it. You just have to have the power of the Holy Spirit working with you as the disciples and Jesus himself had to stand up for your God given rights as Romans 13:1 – 4 provide and command you to do.

The purpose of government is to protect those rights and to sanction those people who do not respect your rights. This would be a God ordained government. We do have this today but we have lost the knowledge of how to operate to maintain the God ordained government and how to take it back. But we can chip away at it one person and one issue at a time. As each one of us sets precedence we pave the way for the next and eventually we will create a wave where the unordained government will back off and leave us alone.

To be expanded soon:

  • PMA – conforms to fed minimally, non-conforms to state, conforms to contract law
  • expat – conforms to another country/state, non-conforms to US / State
  • self – takes no BS from any one, conforms to court system rules to regain rights from the unordained government (may utilize common law where possible)
  • status correction – includes “self” but accepts a God ordained government that was established prior to the constitution being bastardized.