Pulled Over? What NOT To Say!

How you proceed and the words and actions you take will determine how much you can hold the LEO and the state accountable for their invasion of your privacy.

Before you say anything turn on the recorder on your phone, turn on your video and just lay it on the dashboard at your steering wheel so that it picks up the officer’s answer. Be sure YOU speak loudly and clearly! Open your window only 1/4th of the way, no more. If you have to ask the officer to please speak up so that he can be heard as well.

If you have a driver’s license, you signed the application for that license, and at that time you entered into a contract with the state wherein you agreed to provide the license on request. 

You have to show your license but you do not have to answer questions.

If you are asked any other questions you should reply: I choose not to answer that question as the US Constitution states that I am not required to give any information that could be used to incriminate me in a court.

Here is a script that I believe is a little too uncooperative taken from Eddie Craig’s Fraudstoppers.org (Co-host on Rule of Law Radio). Escalating a situation will lead to handcuffs and jail. It’s easier to take the ticket, when they ask you to sign it scribble UNDER DURESS all over it, and then hand it back to the LEO.