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Liberty Defenders is a hub for people especially Christians, to connect and share their experiences in defending their God given liberty here in the US. It’s about self defense, your self defense, your liberty! Created to be a library of resources in this defense effort, it provides case studies, strategies, and templates to legally defend the liberty God has given each one of us.

As a group we can all help each other succeed in these efforts and one by one we can chip away at the evil government overreach that has occurred for more than 100 years now. See the Intro series of posts to get a better understanding of how the government has succeeded in taking away almost all liberty we as Christians living in America have. 


The hope is that with this site, we can build the community in one place where we can all learn how to file the legal paperwork, how to set up for success before it becomes a legal action, how to keep the legal action under our control, how to win the case, and finally how everyone can benefit from this process. In most cases we represent ourselves, yes, pro se.

Building the community here rather than on social media provides the privacy we need to avoid censorship. We also benefit by having the information organized so that it is easily accessed. The more you participate the stronger this community will become. And you will know what strategies win and which do not.



There are many people / groups out there promoting some patriot movement to “stand up for your constitutional rights”, “take back our republic”, “correct your status” or simply change our government. You have to ask yourself what have any of those groups done for the individual and how successful have they actually been.

This is not one of those groups.  The more you comment and participate on this site the more successful we all will be. The more you learn how to legally resist our government the more successful we will be in having them simply leave us alone.


The purpose of this site is to empower YOU the individual to take back your rights and your liberty on your own. And we do it through the judicial system using our faith in God and our Savior Jesus Christ that as we regain our liberty, we will be following His direct commandments to not conform, and so that we can PROVE to be an example of following that good and acceptable, perfect will of God (Romans 8:1 – 3). 


Our Values

Regaining God Given Liberty


Regaining God Given Liberty
Justifying efforts & actions through scriptures

The Word

Justifying efforts & actions through scriptures
Using honesty & true evidence in defense

Honest Evidence

Using honesty & true evidence in defense



This effort is spearheaded by God through Nelda who went up against the Maryland Department of Labor and with God as her representative, won. You can read more about it in the blog posts about the case. (Coming soon to this site.)