What’s The Way?

Many people who believe in and have surrendered their all to Jesus Christ, are not inclined to be placed in the category of people who today identify as Christian. We believe many today are only quasi-Christians who have only accepted Jesus as a savior but have not studied the indepth totality of what that entails and truly means.

We are different. We have not only a deep understanding of Jesus’s purpose here on earth, the New Covenant, and the absolution of the Old Covenant, but also have developed a deep and endearing relationship with Jesus, our Christ, and continue to do so on a daily basis. The Way was referenced many times in the new testament referring to those who followed Jesus. Sometimes it was translated to the Church, and sometimes it wasn’t. Here is an in depth description of the meaning of being a true follower of Jesus, The Way.

We do not apologize for the division. It is your choice and is justified by Jesus himself in Matthew 7:21. Doing the will of God is not a part-time job. It is either 100% or nothing. Part of doing that “good and acceptable and perfect will of God” is resisting the unordained powers that exist today. We believe it is our duty and there are many scriptures to support that. Chuck Baldwin in at Liberty Fellowship gives many excellent teachings on the subject. A list of some of these is below.

If you feel offended by this post you may want to consider taking steps now to strengthen your relationship with Jesus, God of all Creation. Standing up for your God given rights by standing up for your Creator, is one step you can take. Consider perusing this site as well as Chuck Baldwin’s sites for that purpose (more sites will be added in the future). Of course praying without ceasing and studying the Word are additional steps you must consider taking to consider yourself part of The Way.

And Liberty Defenders believe that true followers of Jesus have the duty to resist and help others resist the unordained powers in America today. Without 100% submission to our Almighty God, you will not have the backbone, or the stable foundation to perform this duty. The choice as always is yours.