No Fake DL!

To get a DL not associated with your ssn:

[In reply to W C] (taken from Peter O’toole, reply to Guardian 600 people, AF, 7/28/2023)
Well there is an old set of laws – 200 years or so – I think they were called the 9th and 10th amendment, sometimes they recognize them. In a nutshell, “all enumerated rights remain with the people”, ergo you have the right to create a “drivers license”, open up a word document and get to work. Have it notarized and shrink it to a wallet sized card and laminate it. Then you can present a “drivers license” and not get shot. Although I seriously doubt they will pull a gun on you if you are polite. If they say “i need a state issued drivers license”, ask him “who issues that?”, he will say “The Secretary of State”, to which you will ask “who issues Notary Seals?” they will say “Secretary of State”. Then agree with the officer that this was issued by the same office so “am I free to go?”.