Am I A Private Traveler or Not?

(From Karlee E AF 3/6/23 AF)

I’m curious if I need to terminate my drivers license contract in order to be a free traveler? Is it not techinially a void contract since they lie to us about it? DMV told me I have a “non-commercial” DL that’s obvioulsy for commercial purposes. Also, couldn’t I still have a DL for commerical purposes like work and then if I get pulled over/stopped while traveling I can say that I am not currently working in commerce or moving goods for hire.

there are two totally separate and distinct uses of the people’s roadways.

at the end of the day it doesn’t matter much whether you were tricked/deceived into getting a license you don’t need. you are already free to travel. the license doesn’t change that. until our fine officers have better training, they think (and i guarantee you they will act) like not having a license is a crime. they don’t have the first clue about how to distinguish between what’s the regulated activity and what isn’t.

you need to learn the distinction, but only so you can win in court afterwards – not so you can try and teach a cop on the side of the road, and certainly not so you can become a target for a cop who runs your plates and does an illegal warrantless search and finds out that you don’t have a license.